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Alex Blanchard works as an independent trainer, coaches the business companies such as ABN-AMRO, Baker & McKenzie, Ernst & Young. He advises (top) athletes and private individuals. He guides people individually and in groups to a more conscious and effective way of moving, interacting and cooperating. 
Perseverance, personal development and awareness are a common thread in his life and career. He also worked as a researcher, advisor, group supervisor in various sports organizations. 
He was also a multiple European boxing champion for several years. He is currently writing a book about his life.


Some days you never forget in your life. For me, September 15, 1985 was such a day. And why do I want to share with you?
City: Dortmund, Germany
Opponent Manfred Jassman
Opportunity: Defense of my European title 
Jassman had already boxed 25 matches of which he had lost only one against Koopmans in the 8th round, in which he gave up. Against me he gave up in the 4th round when his corner threw the towel into the ring.
That evening my wish came true. I was charging myself in the ring for the title fight. As the announcer announced me, the spotlights on the legend suddenly came to view my contest; Muhammad Ali.
I told Ali face-to-face how I adored him at a young age and wrote a fan mail to Deer Lake Pensilvania, his training camp from the 80s. As young as I was, I wanted to show that I like him, also the constellation 'Steenbok'. I wrote to him: 'Dear Ali, I mention you' re a Stone Goat like me (stone: steen and goat: bok). Im wondering if I'm welcome to train in your camp. Ali started to shine his eyes, grabbed my glove and said laughing: 'get him goat!'. What a coincidence and honor.
I had met Ali a couple of years before at the Miami Beach 5th Street Gym, where I told him I was from Rudi lubbers who once boxed Ali. Ali replied: 'ahhh, Rudy, send him my Regards'. He also tells me: 'make your style like Tommy Hearnst.' I told him that I changed my name earlier in his name and faithfully followed all his matches. 
The funniest thing was that Ali made his nickname GOAT: Greatest Of All Time.

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Alex Blanchard, former professional boxer and multiple European champion, offers a wide range of fitness and boxing training to anyone looking for an effective way to get fit. Both in private, company and group lessons.