Private and group boxing lessons, at home, at your office or at Splash Amsterdam.

Personal Boxing Training by
European Champion Alex Blanchard.

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Personal TRAINING WITH THE EUROPEAN boxing champion

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Alex Blanchard is former professional boxer and multiple European boxing champion. He knows better than anyone what you need to do to achieve maximum performance. Alex provides fitness and boxing training in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Anyone looking for an effective way to get fit is welcome to visit top trainer Alex Blanchard. This can be done in private or group lessons.

Whatever reason you have - lose weight, more resilient or get fitter - Be prepared to work hard with Alex's unique boxing and circuit training. This will give you results you won't get with other personal trainers or fitness programs.

Through Alex's way of training, I felt more confident and fitter myself. His methodology has become a way of life in my daily life.

Rene Wellinga
I lost 15 kilos in 3 months and feel fitter than when I was 25. Thanks to Alex!

Arthur van Cadsand

BLANCHARD boxing training method

Only training is not enough to get your body in shape. Only diets do not work either. Experience shows that the best way to get in shape (again) is a combination of exercise, eating behavior, and motivation; it's all about rhythm and the mindset to switch the button. The Blanchard Method is a balanced strategy that is not only very effective but also stimulates enough to succeed. You'll get boxing, strength, and fitness training supplemented with mindset exercises and an eating plan. Are you ready to take on the fight?


Singing lessons do not start with singing but with breathing. Without proper breath control, it is impossible to sing a pitched note. Likewise, without the right attitude, you will never succeed in losing weight. The Blanchard Method teaches you to train with the right attitude.


80% of weight loss or muscle building is determined by eating behavior. What do you eat? When do you eat? What is healthy and still tasty? By following the food plans of the Blanchard Method, you learn to change your eating habits and reprogram your body.


Strength training in combination with boxing and fitness training is the proven success formula of the Blanchard Method. But be prepared. Remember the Rocky films. Training with Alex is intensive, burning lots of calories at a fast pace. But always with effect. 


Perhaps a six-pack is your goal. Or to learn boxing for fun or as self-defense. Or maybe you need to lose weight and get into better shape and condition. The Blanchard Method is a realistic and efficient method with a guaranteed result: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

The boxing intro lesson

Grab your chance and book a private introduction lesson from Alex Blanchard. For only € 40 you will experience training in one hour with the contents of a champion. If you decide to continu to train with Alex, you'll get your €40 back and your try-out lesson was for free. Depending on your personal circumstances and your goals, Alex determines which training suits you best. free intro lessonDepending on your personal circumstances and your goals, Alex determines which training suits you best.
You will experience an intensity that you do not see with other personal trainers.
€ 120
/ per week
€ 90
/ per week
€ 55
/ per week
€ 1330


In the workshop "Boxing with yourself", prevention, awareness, and interaction are the key to success. The teaching method consists of a combination of boxing techniques, coordination, and flexibility training. This unique approach improves motivation and increases your work intensity, speed of resilience, and perseverance.

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Alex Blanchard, a former professional boxer and multiple European champion, offers a wide range of fitness and boxing training to anyone looking for an effective way to get fit. Both in private, company, and group lessons.