Private and group boxing training at your office or at the Olympic Gym

Private boxing lessons in Amsterdam

Who wouldn't want a private boxing lesson in Amsterdam from a former European champion? I, Alex Blanchard, can offer you that. I offer private boxing training in Amsterdam and also group training. I can also do that on location, so at your home or office or in the open air.

I know what it takes to get the best results

As a former European champion boxing I know exactly what it takes to get the best results. Besides private boxing lessons in Amsterdam, I also provide the best fitness classes in Amsterdam and surroundings. So I am here for anyone who is looking for the most effective way to get fit or fitter.

Private boxing lessons Amsterdam

Taking private boxing lessons in Amsterdam

Do you have the goal to lose weight or do you want to become more resilient? Then you've come to the best place imaginable with me and specifically with private boxing lessons in Amsterdam. I do make you work hard and in that context I offer truly unique boxing and circuit training. My training sessions are always distinctive. With me you will achieve results that you would not have thought possible and results that you will not achieve with any other personal trainer. Reasons enough to take private boxing lessons with me in Amsterdam. If you want to know everything about me, I recommend you to read my recently published autobiography.

More than exercising and following only a certain diet

From my own experience I know that achieving goals is more than just regular exercise and following a certain diet. That alone does not work. The best way to achieve your goals, in my opinion, is the combination of a lot of exercise, a different eating pattern and the right motivation. It's also about finding the right rhythm and the best mindset to be able to turn the switch for yourself. I always offer you a very balanced strategy and my method is stimulating to keep going. So it is wise to especially boxing lesson in Amsterdam to take with me. So choose my classes, whether they are private or group classes. I can guarantee that you will then amaze yourself and that goals will finally become realistic. May I offer you an introductory lesson soon?

3 times a week
€ 50

/per lesson

2 x per week
€ 65
/per lesson
1 x per week
€ 75
/per lesson