Private and group boxing training at your office or at the Olympic Gym

Boxing school in Amsterdam?

At my Boxing school in Amsterdam in the Olympic Gym you are welcome if you want to participate
to boxing lessons. As a former professional boxer and multiple European champion
I always provide you with the training and support you need. The focus here is on maintaining a fit and vital body.
Therefore, the Blanchard training method consists of a combination of exercise and proper nutrition.
Also if you want to lose weight or become physically stronger I am here for you.

This can be done on a personal training basis, but in my boxing school in Amsterdam you are also at the right place if you want to follow a business workshop boxing with employees or colleagues. Boxing is a fantastic sport and a way to keep our body fit and healthy. With boxing training in Amsterdam you make an important contribution to your physical and mental health.

During the training sessions, extra attention is paid to losing body weight if desired, but of course I am also ready to teach you the intricacies of the sport. You can think of resistance training, learning the various boxing techniques or abdominal training. It also focuses on footwork, overall hand coordination and fitness training. At my boxing school in the Olympic Gym you are therefore very welcome.

Old boxing gloves

The Boxing School Alex Blanchard in the Olympic gym

Besides practicing this wonderful sport in the right way, I also pay attention to a healthy diet during my boxing trainings in Amsterdam. This way you can effectively fight excess pounds and improve the condition and fitness of your body in a responsible way. At my boxing school in Amsterdam I provide various 1 on 1 training sessions.

So you always get the attention and support you need. Because it is a personal training, the lessons can be completely customized. This means that the level of training will be adapted to your abilities. In this way you are always assured of professional guidance at your own pace.

Boxing in Amsterdam is also possible at my boxing school in the Olympic Gyms as business boxing workshop. The motivational training sessions are very suitable as a team building outing for companies. In addition, you can directly benefit from physical benefits such as improved circulation, good physical balance and self-awareness. The business workshop can be held at my boxing school in Amsterdam, or at another desired location or office space.

3 times a week
€ 50
/per lesson

2 x per week

€ 65
/per lesson

1 x per week

€ 75
/per lesson