Private and group boxing training at your office or at the Olympic Gym

Boxing lesson in Amsterdam by European champion
Alex Blanchard

Do you want to be on a real boxing training or boxing class in Amsterdam, then the best place to start is with me. Me, Alex Blanchard, have emphatically earned my spurs in the sport of boxing in recent years and can tell you like no other the best boxing class in Amsterdam Offering. From beginner, to professional boxer, I maximize your potential.

Boxing and training have no secrets for me anymore

You may have already read it in my recently released biography, but I have celebrated numerous successes as a boxer in recent years. For example, I became European champion several times. So boxing has no secret for me, as it does for the different training methods. You can learn from me boxing in Amsterdam and in that context I offer you both group classes and private lessons ON. I can provide classes at your home, however, I am just as happy to come to the office to box with you and your colleagues, and outdoor training sessions are also a possibility.

Boxing training Alex Blanchard

Boxing lessons in Amsterdam; if you really want to achieve good results and finally reach your goals

I know from experience what it takes to achieve the best performance. I provide both boxing and fitness classes in Amsterdam and surroundings. I offer you the solution if you are looking for a very effective way to get fit or fitter. With me everyone is really welcome. I love to share my knowledge! Do you want to lose weight or become more resilient? Then you should take boxing lessons in Amsterdam. Be prepared, because we will be working hard together. I offer unique boxing and fitness training programs.

I guarantee you results that you won't easily get from any other trainer.

What could be more fun than boxing lessons with a European boxing champion?

From my experience, I know that training alone is not enough to achieve the best results. In my opinion, getting results is a matter of a combination of sports, a change in your eating habits and mindset and motivation. It's all about rhythm and mindset in order to turn the switch. I offer you a comprehensive strategy that is also very motivating. And be honest, what is more fun than training with a former European champion? Nothing at all, right?

3 times a week
€ 50
/per lesson
2 x per week
€ 65
/per lesson
1 x per week
€ 75
/ per week