Boxing class in Amsterdam
by Alex Blanchard

In my boxing school in Amsterdam you are very welcome if you want to take part in boxing lessons. As a former professional boxer and multiple European champion I will always provide you with the training and support you need. Within my boxing school in Amsterdam the focus is on maintaining a fit and vital body. The Blanchard method consists of a combination of sports and good nutrition. Also if you want to lose weight or become physically stronger I am at your service.

Here's what you can expect

Not only physically, but also mentally. For boxing in Amsterdam, you are most welcome. Boxing is a mental ordeal that goes beyond just training your body. My boxing trainings in Amsterdam are mainly focused on reaching your target weight. Of course this goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy and responsible diet. Here I can guide you like no other.
As multiple European boxing champion, I know better than anyone how important a healthy weight is. During sports, but certainly also in everyday life. You will experience more fitness, balance and resilience. Of course boxing in Amsterdam also contributes to building and maintaining a good physical condition. As a professional athlete and boxer I like to provide you with a personal training.

Boxing lessons in Amsterdam

In my boxing school in Amsterdam I provide various customized training and business workshop. This will keep you fit and energetic during your work at the office. A workshop is also suitable as a motivational team outing or as a permanent part of the company structure. Boxing at boxing school Alex Blanchard in Amsterdam will keep you physically and mentally fit as an employee.

As a boxing coach you can expect professional guidance from me where the training is completely tailored to your physical needs. So it may be that you want to lose pounds, but also if you want to work effectively on strength and endurance training, I am here for you. During the boxing classes in Amsterdam, different elements are addressed.

You can think about the timing and coordination of the movements, the footwork and the punching on the pads. If you choose to box at my boxing school in Amsterdam, you are always assured of a personal training that brings out the best in you. Of course at your own pace and at the level of your abilities.


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In the workshop "Boxing with yourself", prevention, awareness, and interaction are the key to success. The teaching method consists of a combination of boxing techniques, coordination, and flexibility training. This unique approach improves motivation and increases your work intensity, speed of resilience, and perseverance.


Alex Blanchard, a former professional boxer and multiple European champion, offers a wide range of fitness and boxing training to anyone looking for an effective way to get fit. Both in private, company, and group lessons.