Private and group boxing lessons, at home, at your office or at Splash Amsterdam.

Boxing in Amsterdam?

/If you would like to box in Amsterdam I am happy to help you. As an experienced boxing trainer
and former professional boxer you can come to me for personal boxing training and business
workshops. I am a multiple European boxing champion myself and can therefore
provided with the guidance and motivation you need. Not only in the area of
of strength and fitness training, but also, of course, in handling a healthy
and responsible lifestyle.

The diet is also of great importance here. Only in this way can you get the most out of yourself and achieve the target weight you have in mind. Boxing in the Amsterdam area You do best under professional and customized guidance. Boxing is a wonderful sport that depends on physical balance, motivation and excellent coordination.

Not only in terms of your hands, but certainly the footwork is important in boxing. In addition, this sport is a great addition to an energetic and fit lifestyle. Within my boxing school in Amsterdam You are always assured of customized support and intensive guidance. This way you will achieve your personal goals quickly and effectively.

Boxing lesson Amsterdam

Boxing with Alex Blanchard in Amsterdam

During my boxing training sessions I use the Blanchard method. This means that extra attention is paid to resilience and prevention. Preventive work is also done to keep your body energetic and fit. All this in a combination of healthy nutrition and sport. Boxing in Amsterdam is an excellent way to keep your body fit. In my boxing school I like to provide you with a personal training. But, also business workshops boxing for companies are among the possibilities.

They can be a part of a weekly program for employees, but are also very useful as an inspirational workshop to strengthen team building. Even if you are not sure whether boxing suits your needs, you can count on my experience. If you want to box in Amsterdam, you always have the opportunity to follow an introductory lesson with me.

This way you can get acquainted with all aspects of boxing in an accessible way. You can think of punching, various boxing techniques and abdominal training. But timing and motivation are also important elements. Especially if you want to combine this sport with weight loss. I will gladly provide you with an adjusted diet so your body gets exactly what it needs.

€ 120
/ per week

€ 90

/ per week
€ 55
/ per week
€ 1650